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Bryan: I finally found someone that knocks me off my feet
Bryan: I finally found the one that makes me feel complete
Barbara: It started over coffee,we started out as friends
Barbara: It's funny how from simple things, the best things begin...
Bryan: This time is different;
Barbara: la la la
Bryan: It's all because of you!..
Bryan: It's better than it's ever been;
Together: Cuz we can talk it through;
Barbara: My favorite line was Can I call you sometime?
Barbara: It's all you had to say...
Together: To take my breath away
Together: This is it, oh,
Together: I finally found someone; someone to share my life;
Together: I finally found the one - to be with every night;
Barbara: 'Cause whatever I do, it's just got to be you!
Together: My life has just begun, I finally found someone
Bryan: Did I keep you waiting?
Barbara: I didn't mind
Bryan: I apologize,
Barbara: Baby that's fine
Bryan: I would wait forever
Together: Just to know you were mine
Bryan: You know, I love your hair
Barbara: Are you sure it looks right?
Bryan: I love what you wear...
Barbara: Isn't it too tight?
Bryan: You're exceptional!
Together: I can't wait for the rest of my life
Together: Oh, this is it,
Together: I finally found someone, someone to share my life
Together: I finally found the one, to be with every night
Barbara: 'Cause whatever I do,
Bryan: It's just got to be you
Together: My life has just begun; I finally found someone...
Barbara: And whatever I do
Bryan: It's just got to be you!
Barbara: My life has ust begun...
Together: I finally found someone

-Barbara Streisand & Bryan Adams